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Nia Dara

As a full-time mom of two and business owner, I know exactly what it’s like to go from the security of a steady 9-5 as a Stylist, and Career Developer. To starting an online business, with little experience, and the harsh realization of startup life while running the household full-time. Over the last eight years I’ve learned, succeeded, and sometimes failed at startup life throughout my professional journey. I know all too well the feeling of insecurity around running a fledgling business while figuring out how to add to the financial future of my family. But throughout all those trials I never gave up, and I now have the success I had only once dreamed of. And I can say with certainty, that if I can turn it around and be my own every day hero, you can too! And together, we can get laser-focused on getting your dreams to the next level.

The NiaDara NewYork brand + NDNY Studio Creative Consultancy, was created with a purpose to help women-led businesses find the support they need to strategically design the business of their dreams, startup, or start a side hustle. Giving women the opportunity to pursue their passions, while working on their terms and creating magic in their own lives. So whether you want to work one-on-one to elevate your business, or just need a few tips to point you in the right direction, then know that I am here to help in any way I can. As a partner of JSMedia and WWIB I offer discounted design services to solo Warrior Women members! Click Book Now to Learn more!