Episode 16 – Convergence Of Traditional & Natural Medicine

The WWIB podcast series is the creation of the host, Jasmine Sandler. Jasmine is the founder and CEO of JS Media, a media and Digital Marketing agency since 2006 that provides Branding, PR and Social Media services and education to female executives, teams, and entrepreneurs

Episode 18 – Luxury Marketing & Fashion Branding

For Warrior Women in Business Podcast episode 18 we welcome a Warrior Woman in NYC Fashion and CMO in Luxury brands Ana Andjelic. Named to Forbes CMO Next, Ana is brand strategy executive, writer and doctor of sociology who specializes in the modern luxury brands. Leading this interview is our host Jasmine Sandler.

Episode 19 – A Warrior Woman Who Rocks!

New York City is still home to Val Kinzler aka “Valkyrie” as she’s affectionately known to her friends and fans. Val started playing piano at age five and as her passion for songwriting grew, she picked up the guitar which led her to playing solo gigs around the NYC area and later in Europe.

Episode 21 – Surviving as a Speaker & Event Pro in COVID-19

In this episode of Warrior Women In Business Episode #21, Jasmine Sandler, Producer & Host of Warrior Women In Business, interviews Guest, Bobbie Carlton, founder of Carlton PR & Marketing, Mass Innovation Nights and Innovation Women. Bobbie is an award-winning marketing, PR and social media professional.

Episode 23 – Soaring Suicide Rates in COVID-19: Is the Economy to Blame?

In a time of uncertainty and stress it has been found that the suicide rate is soaring all over the world. This week for episode 23 we bought in a panel of experts on suicide and discussed why the rates are increasing and whether the economy is to blame. Joining us was Jasmine Sandler, Producer & Host of WWIB, who interviewed experts, Jen Hewson, Deborah Max and Janice Chisholm on the topic.