Do You Know if Your Brand Design Sucks?
“Why it matters now, and why “later” just won’t do.”
Building a business and brand in today’s market is more than just about a good idea. You’ve got to be able to attract customers and partners right out of the gate. Good design is a front loaded undertaking with long-term value and benefits.
However, during early stages of business growth quality design is subjected to the sidelines of business management demands. Many business owners will all to often sacrifice good design altogether because of financial limitations or otherwise, saving brand design for a “future” notion of profits and growth without any planning or structure to attain the goal of brand growth and scale.
However, the true cost of sidelining design is more than the cost of hiring a designer in the present, it’s also means sidelining relationships, brand trust, brand recognition, and ultimately… sales for both the present and future.
A good and polished brand design can communicate its value, can achieve a competitive edge, and establish trust for both consumer, business partnerships, opportunities and more. In this digital age it’s more important than ever to be perceived as a reputable brand with lasting presence, and with the ability to attract consumers and secure profitability.
So, what does sucky brand design costing your business today?
Join Warrior Women in Business CEO, Host and Online Brand Strategy expert Jasmine Sandler and exclusive Warrior Women Designer, Nia Dara as they chat through the importance of proper brand design, from everything to a killer social brand for your personal brand to corporate branding best practices, branding for events, branding for executives, branding for artists and much more!
We go on location LIVE on April 7th at 3pm with Jasmine and Nia at new Florida location of Warrior Women in Business. Register to join us!
Bullet Topics:
Why “first impressions” matter when it comes to branding / design?
Who, what, and how you can attract the right opportunities with high quality design.
Design as a “customer service” tool for your business/brand (UI design specific)
How current habits and trends with digital and tech influence your customers experience with you.
How BIG BOX Brands out of your market are influencing your consumers.


Topic: Warrior Women in Business Podcast Episode #34: Nia Dara on Brand Design
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