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Become a warrior woman

Being a Warrior Women in Business member is a smart choice for any serious female entrepreneur. At WWIB our mission is to help you grow your business, give you mentors that can help you get there and provide you a network of real true women to women support from marketing to operations to funding help.

We support women in business of all types – from retailers to inventors to consultants, coaches, artists, service company owners, local business owners, and even female business college students!

WWIB Membership Benefits

  • Discounted and Free access to WWIB Coaches led online workshops, classes, courses and Q&A sessions
  • Discounted Access (30% off) to WWIB Entertainment Collective Performance Events
  • Discounted Access (30% off) to WWIB Certified Coaches & Mentors Consulting Rates
  • Discounted Access (10-15% dependent on market) to all-women’s coworking and office spaces through our partners
  • First-Serve Opportunity to be a Guest on the WWIB Podcast
  • First-Serve Opportunity to be a Guest Speaker at a WWIB Educational Event
  • First-Serve Opportunity to be Featured in the Weekly WWIB Newsletter to 20K+ Women in Business
  • First-Serve Opportunity to be Featured on WWIB Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest & Meetup channels and groups

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Monthly Membership

Become a WWIB Member for just $19.99 USD / month. Students and Artists for $10-$15 / month!
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